Light It Up: 5 Types Of Lighting Fixtures You Should Try At Home

Everyone wants to make their home look presentable and fully functional all the time. Installing lighting fixtures in your home has a lot of benefits. Light helps people do tasks better, especially if they’re doing things such as cleaning and cooking. When buying lighting fixtures, make sure that it won’t complicate your budget.

There are a lot of types of lighting fixtures you can try at home. Each and one of them has a specific purpose. That’s why doing some research can be helpful for you to know what is the appropriate lighting you should buy for your home. For more information about the matter, here is a list 5 lighting fixtures you should consider purchasing for your home.

Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting used as ambient lighting. There are different types of architectural lighting. The first one is the valance. Valance lighting can blends well with wooden, glass or metal casing. This type of illumination is placed on walls that are high enough to bounce the light it produces downwards and upward.

The second type of architectural lighting is called soffit. Fixtures like this one are usually installed in the corners of a room. Soffit lighting washes the walls with the light it radiates which can make the room look attractive. The last type of architectural lighting is called a cove. Fixtures like this one can be applied in shelf and ledge of your room.

Track Lighting

Some people like their rooms to be very bright. That’s why they mount track lightings in the ceiling of their room for them to get more light. Tracks light are known to have a linear unit that has several light heads in it. The light heads can be adjusted in any direction the owner wants it to be.

Lightings like these are usually used to highlight walls and artwork. If you’re planning to hang paintings on the walls of your room, then you better try installing this type of lighting because it helps to give out the beauty of the arts you’ll buy. Also, it can be ideal for task or accent lighting because of the function it has.

Pendant Lighting

If you want your room or your kitchen to have that elegant look, then pendant lighting is the thing for you. Pendant lighting can make any place look elegant because of its structure. Pendant lightings are suspended from the ceiling that gives out light downward which can be sufficient lighting for the kitchen isle you have in your home.

Pendant lightings can be a sight to see, especially if you pair them with the theme that you have for the rest of the room. Pendant lightings can be installed in any area of the house. The most common area where fixtures like these are usually installed in the kitchen and the bedroom. If you have tall ceilings, then you should try this one.

Undercabinet Lighting

This type of lights is installed under the kitchen cabinets of the house. Installing undercabinet lightings can help you function well in the kitchen. Aside from the assistance it provides, it can also add beauty to your kitchen. Under-cabinet lights can be single or linear puck-shaped fixture depending on the taste of the homeowner.

Undercabinet lightings are budget friendly which means it’s very affordable. Adding light under your kitchen cabinets can also enhance the value of the interior of your home. This type of lighting can be a good investment for the future. There are a lot of people who are willing to buy properties that are fully furnished already.


Recessed lightings are mounted to the ceiling of a room. It sends out light in one direction which can be used to provide task, accent or ambient lighting. This type of lighting can also be used as a spotlight to highlight specific centerpieces in a room.

You can also have dimmers installed with it to make the ambiance of the place more enticing. If you have extra budget for this one, then you should try adding dimmers in the recessed lightings you have in your home. You can try visiting the web for sites such as Gia Renovation and other reliable sources for more information regarding this matter.


Lighting fixtures are one of the most crucial parts of the house, that’s why it’s essential to have lightings fixtures installed in the surroundings of your home especially in areas such as the bedrooms and the kitchen.

Looking for the perfect lighting for your home can be difficult at first. That’s why you should gather information first before deciding on having one. You can try calling local experts in your area to ask for advice. You should also consider checking the durability of the lightings you’re planning to buy so that you won’t have any problem in the future.


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