Booking Ba Na tour to savour free wine extremely delicious

Rice wine is the product of Viet Nam with strong alcohol for men, in the other hand, Wine is an alcohol yeast which can make you to be drunk, mad, questioning by sweet favour of grapes mixed a few spicy favour, so this wine is very suitable for all ages, all sexes, the old or the young, male or female. Because of those characteristics of wine, so wine is easy to drink and it becomes popular with Viet Nam market, although it is from Europe.

Booking Ba Na tour to savour free wine extremely delicious

Booking Ba Na tour to savour free wine extremely delicious

Aa a gift for tourists who choose Da Nang to visit on springs or summers, Managers organised  free wine parties. If you need to refer more informations of Ba Na Hills, you can click by (1). Tourists come here and they can enjoy both high-grade wine and romantic natural sceneries of Ba Na – a paradise beauty.

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Discovering the favours of free top-ranking wine at Sun World Ba Na Hills.

The festival will be hold at 10h-15h every day from 22/5 to 26/5 at main stage of Le Jardin D’Amour garden, 1 of 9 art gardens make fame of Ba Na Hills. Coming here, tourists can experience themselves steps to produce delicious drops of wine such as grinding grapes in oak barrels, running manual grape presses for pure grape juice. Furthermore, to bring tourist the most authentic experiences, the organizers have placed a fresh vineyard in festival campus. Tourists can watch, touch, check in them comfortably.

Tourists can engage in the fights of “legions of grapes” and your role is a storming gunner in this fierce battle. This is popular traditional activity which many tourists love and wait to be hold in Europe wine festival. The gunners will wear white shirts, equipped grape water guns and they must find different ways to make opponents’s shirts dyed yellow.

The festival atmosphere will be more attractive because of the appearance of dancers with colorful dresses attached fresh bunches of grapes, all these things surely bring tourists memorable motions.

Wine, Europe bands and talented dancers will bring tourists to grape harvests in the countryside of Europe through pastoral melodies, flamosh acts, flashmob acts. Many games, attractive activities are waiting you in this event.

If you are a wine enthusiast, love discover history of this delicious wine you should go to Debay cellar. Coming here, you will have interesting knowledges about history of wine industry, processes and producing processes and how to enjoy wine in right ways.

The first wine festival was held in 2014, in first presentation, this festival was received much special love of tourists and from that to now, this is a annual cultural tourism activity and take place on queen land.

From resounding successes of the last event, today this festival will be more imposing and bring more interesting experiences to tourists joining in this festival. Continuing to innovate and improve quality of services may make quantity of tourists coming to Ba Na be more and this is predicted to increase gradually on the last months of the years and Ba Na proved to be the most attractive tourists destination and must come to when travel in Da Nang.

Is it attractive, isn’t it? Take a quick Ba Na tour booking to savour delicious cups of wine!

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